Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogger Babies Unite

Today we got to have lunch with Claire and her mommy, Julie (the grandmas came along too!). Some of you know Julie has been waiting a LONG, LONG time to come get Claire. We were lucky enough to have our trips to Vietnam overlap and got to meet for the first time! Claire is absolutely gorgeous. I saw the pictures of her on Julie's blog and knew she was small...I just didn't know how small until she was with Aiden- who is basically the same size (Claire is almost 11 months old). Claire was a bit overwhelmed (it was only her second day with her family) but started to warm up to Aiden. Of course, Aiden tried to turn on the ole charm and wasn't sure why it wasn't working! Thanks Clarie and Julie, we had a great time!

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Susan said...

That's pure sweetness!