Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camau Orphanage Afternoon Visit 11/30

The little girl in orange/pink stole my heart

Aiden being rocked in his hammock


The Girl said...

great pictures! Thank you!

Maria said...

Ok, so where can I get me one of those hammocks? :-) I get sad everytime I see photos of any orphanage -- it's such a reminder of our extreme fortune in the US and the extreme poverty elsewhere. So very sad!

Erica said...

Ok, this is going to make me sound like a jerk, but was I the only one to notice the boy in the first photo yanking on his boys??? Golly I love travel photos!

Actually, they are quite lovely. I just want to hug as many of the kids as possible. It's heartbreaking to think that many of them will never have families. I bet it is probably very difficult for the children to watch people pulling up and driving away. I'm glad you have the photos as a reminder.