Monday, July 27, 2009

For Stellan

Today my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of Stellan. Aiden had me up bright and early at 5:30 this morning so I was able to check MckMama's tweets fairly early. My heart sunk. Stellan's condition was deteriorating.
I know many of my readers read MckMama's blog. If you don't, you can visit her blog and read Stellan's story. Stellan is not well and awaiting an airlift to Boston for another heart ablation. I know how worried I was when I found out about Aiden's heart murmur. I can't begin to fathom how difficult it is to watch your son's heart beat at a dangerous 210+ beats per minute for 3 days and counting . This family has been an inspiration to so many and Aiden and I have prayed extra hard for baby Stellan and his beautiful family today. He has defied the odds before and millions are praying he will do so again.

Aiden also wore orange for Stellan.

And we would have been sporting our Stellan Will Live bracelets if Aiden hadn't successfully stashed them in a special spot only he knows about!

Tonight we hung out on the deck eating popsicles (molars are really bothering my poor boy tonight). I let Aiden eat mine (they are the mini slow melt kind) after I opened the door to the deck on his forehead. He forgave me pretty quickly. So we sat, enjoyed the evening together, I gave Aiden extra hugs and kisses and I thanked God for my healthy son.
Be strong Stellan!

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Mab said...

thanks for posting this Kelli....
I haven't checked Stellan's blog in a few weeks so I was glad you let us know.

Susan said...

I, too, was so sorry to hear about this. We're praying on this end, and I know my Petunia will be receiving lots of extra hugs from me.

Enjoyed the sweet pics of your sweet boy!

Erica said...

Don't feel too bad for bumping his head. Duc has a nice bruise over his forehead from running into some furniture at Kris' house this weekend.